PAINTINGS: New Pointillism

The New Pointillism painting series is produced using a labor-intensive technique, layering dots of paint to create texture and patterns.

Materiality, crafting, and tactility are at the core of my painting practice. Informed by my own hybrid background, I draw upon imagery from Japanese and Latin American visual traditions – frequently moving across borders. I use dots of brightly colored paint, intricately patterned fabrics, and glimmering jewels, to assemble compositions that explore a diasporic history. In using materials, such as puffy paint and readily available textiles, I am engaging in a conversation around authenticity, cultural tourism and the trafficking of ready-made and mass-produced arts and crafts. 

Exploring the disparate narratives of my parents, grandparents, and sisters, I am presented with a layered familial record and a search for stability and belongingness. It is through the act of “crafting” that I piece together my own incomplete and fragmented identity; one which has been lovingly reconstructed from family photos, memoirs, and myths. My paintings weave together personal and mythological stories, collapsing any linear sense of history by referring to diverse historical periods and art movements.